Wednesday, October 6, 2010

♥ OOTD/OOTN for the casual night out ♥

so this was my OOTD or to be more accurate OOTN = Outfit Of The Night
pictures were from yesterday night. me, my BF, and some of our friends went for a casual night out to KARAOKE! 
ohh I don't usually go to karaoke, in fact I haven't been to one for moonths until yesterday.
maybe caz I prefer to go to the cinema or do something else..

anyway, I meant to post this yesterday but I was busy and mostly lazy *lol*. 
sorry it wasn't proffesional photography taken caz I took it from my Blackberry.
I was feeling a little bit edgy so here it is..

♥ Black Leather Jacket with Gold-ish Zipper Detail. I don't remember the brand.
♥ LBD with Ethnic Neckline - Unbranded
♥ Leather Ankle Flat Boots from Nose
♥ Black Balenciaga City Motorcycle Bag
♥ Accessories randomly from many places
♥ Watches from Longines

 sorry I censored my face caz I looked a bit wasted LMAO

we had fun that night! ;) ♥♥

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