Saturday, July 31, 2010

♥ Giveaways I have won these past 2 months ♥

hello hello everyone.
first of all, I'm very sorry that it took me sometime to posts because my life has been quite hectic with the University life and events going on.
but anyway.. the good news is that I have received many giveaways packages! *excitedd*
shall we start?

1. Agnieszka W. aka Magnesina Fine Art Photography
she sent me a beautiful photograph of bicycle all the way from POLAND!
pls check out her Etsy, there are many beautiful other photograph over there! 
>> <<
thank you, Agnieszka for your generosity! <3

2. Tanya Bond Giveaway on Fire & Ice
beautiful art! I love the one that she sent me.. pretty with a little  bit dark aura!
pls visit Tanya Bond Blog for more of the art.. >> <<
thank you, Tanya & Heather! <3

3. Ume Origami Giveaway on Serendipity Handmade
beautiful origamiiii! very creative indeed! it's like a puzzle where I can make use many of.
thank you, Christina & Colette! <3
pls check out >> << and 
>> << for moreeee~~

4. Mineral Giveaway on Closet Samples
my first ever mineral make up! thank youu now I get to try on them and I love ittt! ;)
thank you, Ashley and Mineral Basics! <3
pls chek out >> << and 
>> <<
(multi-use matte color)

(fantasy eye-shadow)


(multi-use shimmer color)

(concealer - foundation - finishing powder)

5. Giella's Custom Blend Cosmetic Giveaway on Two Thousand Things
it's an awesome custom blend lipgloss. I asked for pink shimmer color with the chocolate fragrance and soy butter mix. it came out perfectly! I loveeee the smell of it.
so, thank you, Yuri & GIELLA's cosmetics. <3

and last but NOT least.. a big package from..

6. The Sugar Boy Giveaway from Lucy's Stash
imagineeee lots and lots of sweets! hhmygosh I love it!! especially there are sold in UK and since I live in SE Asia I can't find them ova here..! they're all soooo yummy~~
& the Barry M, I actually wore them on my Anniversary!! ;)
so thank you very much, Lucy & Sugarboy! <3

soo thank youuuu sooo sooo sooo very much for all of these gifts!!!!!! I'm grateful!! <3 ♥♥

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