Tuesday, May 11, 2010

♥ my Package Giveaway has arrived from Nicole, Jennifer, and Gretchen ♥

hello^^ as some of you may know, I'm on my loong holiday (2 months).. I'm will be in Indonesia & Thailand until the mid of July.
I hope you'll be patience from the lack of my posts~ I'll try to gather some things both from Indonesia & Thailand to put together for my upcoming giveaway when I'm back on the mid of July^^

so, today I decided to spare sometime to announce my prize that has arrived from the awesome giveaways.
since I'm away, my BF is the one who accepted them by mail & took pictures too.
pls excuse his style of photography LOL.. (which is different than what I used to do with this blog)

1. My Package from..
 I Art U Blog from Jennifer for arranging the giveaway!
 package cover

 the paint!!!!
5 x 7 print of Nicole's painting "90 Seconds of Eternity" :) yayy!!^^
they would look so great on my wall. I'll frame them & hang them soon~~

Nicole's nicely include some extras~~
2 Post Cards. one she writes for me^^ PS in reply: YES I love the print!!
a Magnet Calender
a Magnet Name Card
3 of Nicole's Name Card

I'd like to say HUGE THANKS for Nicole & Jennifer that made this possible!
thanks Nicole for sending me all these wonderful stuffs 
& actually put together sweet things from me^^
thank you :)

2. My Package from..
by Gretchen

she sent me the sample of All Natural Laundry Powder from ClearWaterNaturals Etsy
 as dedication for Earth Day that had passed^^
yes everyone, Go Green!
help preserve our earth~~
Gretchen has inspired me to get involved more of being 'a green' human being :)

so, Thank You Much, Gretchen for sending me the samples^^
I can't wait to try them. The JASMINE tag sounds wonderful^^

love.love ♥♥

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