Thursday, April 1, 2010

♥ Yes, Giveaways Again ♥

heheee I just couldn't resist giveaways!! thosee freebies are up for grabs & they are fabs^^
soo I'm spreading the news & of course trying my luck~~

- Emily from the blog "Cash or Charge?" is having her very first blog giveaway!
Check it out:

- A cup full of sunshine Giveaway
the owl are the coolest & the cutest!!^^ also the handmade vintage shawl!! plss win me thesee~~ :)

- Makeup by Kim Porter 250+ Follower Giveaway
congrats for the loaaads of followers^^ pls pls win me thesee~~

- Tkomulatta Firat Giveaway

- Sterling Hedgehog Necklace Giveaway on Fire & Ice

- Steinvika Winner's Choice Giveaway on Mint Green With Envy Blog

- Little Hour Glass Charm Necklace Giveaway on Fire & Ice
how veryyy cuteee!!^^

- Point Blank Design Giveaway on Concrete and Nail Polish

- Hot Pink Chick (Vintage Vixen Ring) Giveaway on Mint Green With Envy Blog

- Vintage Beauty Bag Giveaway on Va-Voom Vintage

- A Day In The Life Of Doll Face Giveaway
do check out her YouTube too & her Etsy Shop~~

- Glam Geek Chic Giveaway

- Eliza's 100+ Followers Giveaway

- Angel's Beauty World Giveaway

- Wifluvelle April Giveaway

- Susie.X Big Thank You Giveaway

- My Passport to Style 'Bike' Necklace Giveaway

- Humankindness " Momma Bird (1 little silver)" Giveaway on Mint Green With Envy
- Shisem Lashes Giveaway on Jroseonline
& go check out her sale @CLICK HERE~~ they're loads of stuff to shop to^^

- Peruvian Feather Earrings Giveaway on Its Simple Love Blog

- Pouchee Giveaway on Alotofcontestsandsuch

- Sarah Keyes Jewelry Design Giveaway n Roxy Shops Blog

- Justice Juels Giveaway on Islandlife808 Blog

- Tell Tale Heart Necklace Giveaway on Fire & Ice

- Schnella Mini Giveaway

- Roscata's Junk Food Giveaway

- Little White Chapel Earrings Giveaway on Heavenly Savings Blog

- Pur-Essence Giveaway on One Savvy Mommy Blog

- Big 150 Followers Giveaway

- Squidb0t's Beat The Monday Blah's Blog Giveaway on Auntie Di's

- Girl Eats Cupcakes Pouches Giveaway on Fire & Ice


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