Sunday, April 4, 2010

♥ Okaayy More Giveaways ♥

hi hii^^.. seriously this month is full of fabs freebies~~
I'm so joining the giveaways..

well, I have a quite many followers already (168 followers is considered MANY for me^^)
hehee you guys are awesome^^
I'm planning of organizing a giveaway but I'm stuck with my uni's life for the next 2 month. 
exams, assignments, & mini thesis. woahh loads of works!!
soo I think it'll have to wait until my long holiday which will probably be around june..
I myself can't wait till then either~~

so ATM, let's check out the giveaways organized by other generous bloggers~~

- AnnaYjia April Love Giveaway on Fancy Illusionist Blog
a sweet blogger friend of mine~~ hehee I love her blog!! & so joining the giveaway with 2 prizes for 2 winners^^
April is her month of love, happy birthday to your mom Yjia (3rd April) & her Dad & her BF bday coming up too.

- Emily Loves Thank You Giveaway

- Paige's Giveaway on Vendettaxx Blog

- Emma's Easter Giveaway on Glitz Makeup Blog
divineeeeeeee plss^^

- Sawan Heaven 259+ Followers Giveaway
loads of freebies yayy^^

- Onlyxlindah Birthday Giveaway
happy bdaayyy to youu~

- Just Me 4 U Giveaway

- Sandgone Giveaway on Gobs of Giveaways Blog

- OpusMuse (Nostalgic Ring) Giveaway on Mint Green with Envy Blog

- Katrina's Nail Blog First Giveaway

- Misa Mini Giveaway on My Lucid Bubble Blog ♥♥

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