Thursday, April 8, 2010

♥ my Chewlry Necklace Giveaway on Fire and Ice Blog has arrived ♥

yayy so I won the Chain Gang Necklace from Chewlry Jewelry. ^^
soo happy!!~~
pls visit her shop @ Etsy. & the official store of Chewlry. the facebook fan page. & her Twitter.
make sure you do visit her shop caz her jewelry designs are fabs!~~
the designer or the owner is Alyssa. she is a 20-something student who likes to make her own jewelry.
she is obsessed with books, puppy, family, volleyball, writing, eating junk food and ignoring calorie content.

so I received my package today & I wore the necklace straight away to my campus, just 5 minutes after I received it.

kay here's the pictures..
the package comes like this^^ super sweet with crafty flowers on it~~

the overall inside the package. ^^
you said 'Thanks', I said double thanks for the cool necklace!!^^

close up of  her name-card. cure design huh?

kay, this is the prize~

still inside the plastic~

taraaa -- the chain gang necklace!!!!
cool one huh? I knoww^^

so I'd like to say BIG thanks to Alyssa from Chewlry Jewelry Design to make this possible.
I'm so happy to received it & loving your gift^^
so, thanks~~ ♥♥

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