Tuesday, April 6, 2010

♥ Joining Handmades,Jewelries, & moree Goodies Giveaways ♥

kay, more giveaways. all types of goodies up for grabs.
jewelries, handmades, beauty, etc^^

- FlowerLeaf Necklace Giveaway

due: MAY 6th

- Crafty Addictions Giveaway on Particulary Pretty Blog

due: APRIL 14th

- Goddess of B'day Giveaway #1 - Charming Rebecca
due: APRIL 18th

- Out Of The Blue Giveaway on On The Search Of Hidden Treasure Blog
due: APRIL 27th

- Earring Giveaway from FRESH OA on The Madame Fresh Blog
due: APRIL 23rd
- Jacaranda Designs Jewelry Giveaway on Jacarandagal Blog
due: APRIL 30th

- Melissa Woods Giveaway on On The Search For Hidden Treasure Blog
due: APRIL 29th

- Feminine White Flower Necklace from Adornments by Wendi on The Candid Reviewer
due: APRIL 17th

- LoveStruckMetals Giveaway on The Ethertons Blog
due: APRIL 23rd

- Dazzle & Chunk Giveaway on Caracita Blog
due: MAY 8th

- Keep Calm Shop Giveaway on baked by Joanna Blog
due: APRIL 18th

- Sticky Words Vinyl Lettering Giveaway on International Giveaways Blog
due: APRIL 18th

- Forbirds Aceos Giveaway on Lisbonsky Blog
due: APRIL 17th

- Charm Factory Bracelet Giveaway on International Giveaways Blog
due: MAY 2nd

- Necklace Giveaway from Papemelroti
 due: MAY 13th
- Jewellry by Ange Giveaway on epherielldesigns
due: APRIL 15th

- Ezziebell Jewelry Giveaway
due: MAY 2nd

- Charm Factory Bracelet Giveaway on Mom to Bed By 8 Blog
due: APRIL 24th

- sTuckintheCoop Giveaway on Ivamessy
due: APRIL 15th

- Josephine & Cole Giveaway on I Art U Blog
 due: APRIL 21th
- Jillry Giveaway on Mint Green With Envy Blog
due: APRIL 24th

- Zygomatics Giveaway
due: APRIL 17th

- Summertime Dress from Sunsets & Fireflies on The Candid Reviewer Blog
due: APRIL19th

- Lila Ruby King Giveaway on Lilly Ella's Blog
due: APRIL 18th

- The Ultimate Blog Party 2010 Hawaiian Giveaway
due: APRIL 15th

- Bubble Chocolate Giveaway on TS Giveaways Blog
due: APRIL 20th

love.love ♥♥

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