Friday, April 2, 2010

♥ Beauty Skincare Haul & Cute Sweets Lipglosses with Fragrance ♥

back with my post again.
this week & the next following weeks will be a very busy time for my BF & I, because of all the exams that coming up & the assignments due.
so my BF & I decided to go out & have some fun^^

well, we both decided to treat ourselves some things.
so he went to TOPMAN and bought himself a black belt, a formal white shirt & a black cardigan.
then he treated me some beauty stuffs^^
I happen to need some skincare products since my Clinique almost running out.
At first, I was curious about Laura Mercier skincare products ever since some people bragged about it & AllThatGlitters21 posted up a YouTube video about them that really convinced me.
but I found out that they're actually kind of expensive (esp for me, a jobless uni's student. LOL).
I understand that the contents, the essence, & the ingredients of them must've been really good but I can't afford them :[
maybe next time~~

soo, I ended up with CLINIQUE again^^
my previous skincare products are actually also from CLINIQUE. I'm quite satisfied with them but my face has not been improved much because I've been kinda off & on with the skincare steps itself.
sometimes when I went back to my home country I didn't packed my CLINIQUE with me so I had to use other products whatever my Mom's using while on 1-2months holiday.
and I also has been off any skincare for the past 2 months caz I was soo lazy to go the mall to buy some proper cleansers & moisturizers. LOL.
so this time, I really want to take care of my face. with serious intention^^

I purchased the CLINIQUE 3 Steps Skincare. this time my number of skin is #3. (I was in #2).
the lady told me that my skin combination has changed. I used to have the oily T-zone with very dry skin around the cheeks area. which was the reason why I was on #2.
but now my skin is more to the oily T-zone but with slightly dry skin around the cheeks area.
well, I think it's kinda true because my skin has been kinda oily lately which has caused me to break out a little. :(

so here's the HAUL pictures~~

before unpacking it^^

>> left to right <<
CLINIQUE Moisture Surge, Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, Clarifying Lotion #3, Liquid Facial Soap

>> some infos <<
>> ok for the prices, it may not the same for every country & the currency may not be accurate too.
so pls this is just to get the idea of the price for those who actually need to know.
I put the prices in my post just because I myself like to compare & gets the idea of the products ranges so I can prepare the budgets before actually buying it^^ so I just thought my readers would like to know them too~ <<

- The Liquid Faciap Soap
this on #3 which are the oily skin combination
suitable for those who have the oily combination in the T-zone/Cheeks area & then dry combination in others area too
200 ml
THB778 RM78 ✿ Rp.218.000 ✿ $24

- The Clarifying Lotion (Toner)
this also on #3
to clarify & exfoliate the skins
200 ml
THB 778 RM78 ✿ Rp.218.000 ✿ $24

- The Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel 
also on #3
50 ml
THB870 RM87 ✿ Rp.243.000 ✿ $26

- The Moisture Surge
all skin types
an extended thirst relief
this is additional not part of the 3 steps skincare
I needed it because to feed the thirst of my skins. as the lady said, my skin is not fully dry, it's more oily but it's really thirsty
this moisture surge is to stop the white spots & prevent them to break out & become blemishes or pimples
50 ml
THB1600 RM160 ✿ Rp.447.000 $50

so with all that purchases, I got a sample of Anti-Blemish Solutions Mask & a Clinique choice of a purse or an umbrella
my BF suggest me to get the umbrella but I chose the bag instead, idk why LOL~~
btw, the last time I purchased the skincare products which was about a year ago or so, I got more samples than now
the lady gave me
- a sample of moisture surge
- a sample of city block sheer SPF25
- a sample of all about eyes rich
- a sample of perfectly real superfine compact makeup in fresh beige
- a cinnamon stick lipstick
- and a high impact mascara

but nvm~~ hohoo I still got the bag right^^

then, the receipts. LOL I'm so thorough about this post xD

the next thing that I purchased & really excited about it it's the cutee little sweets lipglosses from Bloop
I bought them simply because of the super cute packaging & because of the fragrance!
they have the choice of chocolates, vanilla, mints, blueberry, grapes, orange, etc. & it was also on promotion.
buy 2 get 1 free. LOL.
well I only intended to buy one but my BF let me have the 3 of them caz he saw me was very excited about it.
seriously he's the SWEETEST & the most understanding BF everr. hahahaaa~~

>> left to right <<
Mints, Vanilla, Chocolates

sweets lipglosses!!
>> left to right <<
Mints, Chocolates, Vanilla

here's the close up for the Chocolates fragrance.
I taste them a bit (LOL so random) but yeah it tastes kind of like choco~
I lovee the smells!! so does my BF *winkwink* ;)
it looks a bit shimmering too
2 g
THB 180 RM18 Rp.50.000 $5


soo that's the HAUL for today, if you have any questions regarding about this products that I just purchased or have some tips or suggestions, pls feel free to ask me or tell me^^
just email, facebook, or comment me kay..
I'll do review about some of this product with my opinions in the future as I see the improvements~
so stay tuned!!


oh btw, just watched the 3D "How to train your dragon" movie today in the cinema with my BF.
it was a good movie^^ check it out~~ ♥♥

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