Sunday, March 7, 2010

REVIEW: Thai Natural Chocolate-Coffee Body Scrub ♥

when I was travelling to Pattaya, Thailand & was looking around in this floating market,
I stumbled upon this one natural store. 
they sell many different brands for natural body treatment.
soaps, lotions, scrubs, spa tools, face wash, etc. almost everything.
I picked up quite many things because I was interested in their 'ingredients'.
milk, honey, chocolates, coffee. thai herbs, etc. sounds so yummy! :)

one of the natural stuff that I reaally really like is the..
PHUTAWAN Chocolate Coffee Exotic Sugar Body Scrub.
yummy name huh? hahaa.
it claimes to be made 98% from natural (for Normal to Dry Skin).
I picked this type because obviously I have a dry skin stype.
On the cover it says..

Chocolate Coffee Exotic Sugar Body Scrub
A delightful treatment with a gentle blend of Sugar granules, Vitamin A & E, enhanced with Coffee, toslough away dry dead skin leaving it smoother, softer, and silkier. Anti-oxidant Coffe helps toreduce fatty deposits, tones, and silkens, perking up dry, tired skin to provide a conditioning exfoliate.
Directon: scoop into palm of hand and rub onto damp skin. Gently massage and rinse throughly.
175 g. or 6.17 Oz

so if you ask, why chocolate & coffee? there you have the answer.

I had them forever but I have just tried them recently. Now, I have been using them for about a month.
It really does gives me a smoother skin. but the thing that i like the most about this products is their smell!
they smell like chocolate with a bit of coffee! it's so lovely.
even my BF compliments my chocolate smells. (what a way to get more kisses huh?) hahaa.

here are some pictures..
(another natural stuff that I got~ Milk & Honey Soap)

I really like them & so far it works good for me.
I might gonna add this scrub in my upcoming giveaway. would you guys like it, though?
because this is something that you can't really find outside of Thailand & I'd like you guys to try them too.

well, I was thinking of arranging a giveaway since I already have over a hundred of followers.
but I haven't have the time to go shopping much lately. been sooo busy with uni's life that I'm stuck doing it. hee.
but I'll try to arrange them maybe in the mid of this year because I'm going to BANGKOK for holiday!
my plan is to do a little shopping in Bangkok to giveaway for my followers. :)
hope it'll be possible though. :) ♥♥

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