Tuesday, March 9, 2010

♥ my Ruby Heart Earrings has arrived from Noriki's & Drey Jewelry Giveaway ♥

I'm soo excitedd & happy to get these wonderful pretty earrings.
The package just came today & I was really satisfied because it came in a perfect condition.
Audrey sent it with priority mail but idk why it came a bit late~
buy anyway, it's hereee^^ yayy!!

(this is how it came)

(back view of the package)

(envelope with stuff's insidee)

(aww she included some sweets. I've never had these before. it's imported sweets!! hahaa. thanks Audrey~)

(the overall inside)

(her sweet letter)

Dear Risya,
Congratulations for the giveaway :)
I hope that you will like the pair of ruby hearts earrings as much as noriki and me like them^^
If you have any questions, feel free to ask me :)

Have a lovely day!

Drey Jewelry ♥

 (the earrings box^^.. exciteeedd~~)

 (finally~~ my ruby heart earrings^^)


 (soo girliee~)

 (I feel like a princess now^^)

once again, I'd like to say big thanks to Audrey & Noriki for making this possible.
I really like the jewelry^^

I will be posting my own pictures with the earrings soon. 
I look terrible right now from campus. lol.
check back later to see^^

as for you guys who's interested in Drey Jewelry Design, pls check out her blog.
I've also put her button in my blog sidebar. xD

good news, Drey Jewelry having another Giveaway~
come join & good luck^^
here's some sneak peek & the link to the giveaway..

ENTER to join

love.love ♥♥

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