Thursday, February 4, 2010

♥ my comfy room tour & some of my fav things~ ♥

hii hii. how are you guys?
today I just want to show you around my favorite corner of my new room.
it's my new room  because as you know, I'm right now studying overseas & not in my own country.
I just decorated it too. I change the floor to carpet flooring, new wardrobe, new dresser, new bed, etc.
the room is dominated in pink color with lots of kitty^^
I was organizing my wardrobe so I took some pictures of my fav collections of purses & heels too~~
this is just for fun k.. I dont have any bad intentions at all.
besides, I'm sure most of the girls are crazy into pinky, hello kitty, heels, & purses too arent ya'll?

(posing first before getting messy^^)

(firsts off, my comfy pinky kitty bed :] )

(my make up corner)

(where I put my make up on^^)

(my study corner)

(I do study, reading, writing, etc on this table)

(my very messy closet)

(some of my most fav purses)

(I wear them veeeryy often)

(likey likey themm)


(some of my most fav heels!!)

(yayy heelss~~)

(aren't they gorgeous? at least they are for me)

(I wear them veeeryyy often) ♥♥

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