Sunday, February 7, 2010

♥ (HELP) help mee style my hair?? ♥

so, I hate my current hair. hahaa.
it's too messy curly I can't even comb them!
it's also very dryy & after shampoo it just goes kind of 'puff' like a poodle. hikssssssssss.
& my bang.. it's just so impossible! 
sometimes it's too short & sometimes it's too long & goes all over directions.

I'm hoping to get a new haircut.. but I'm totally stuck of what kind of style I should get.
I'll go to the salon in BANGKOK probably around next week so if any of you know which salon is super good, pls tell mee..

I desperately need helpp from YOU~~
recommend me any hair style that should fits me best. 
better yet, the name of the hair salon too if you're living in Bangkok. :)
you can comment in this post, email me, facebook me, shoutbox me.. etc. 

ooh & also I need to define my eyebrows, are there any spesific salon that could help me on that?
it would help too if you could tell me where to go. hehee^^

this just to get some ideas of how my hair look like right now.. ♥♥

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