Friday, February 12, 2010

♥ complete collections of lenses ♥

GEO have new collections of the crazy animations lenses!
some went overboard, some are actually really cutee & interesting.
i just want to share some pictures i googled & the infos that i have found about the collections from GEO lenses.
it's probably useful for those who wants to try differents lenses. :)

(i know that the pic is too small to see so i'll try to talk about it one by one)

GEO Magic Color Lenses Collections
> Angel Color Series
> Fresh Color Series
> Nudy Quarter Series
> Tearful Series
supposedly the style of the lenses provides variety of design patterns & colors that will present us a wondeful, mysterious & attractive eyes.

(this is the complete collections of the "Magic Color Lenses")

Magic Color Lenses: Angel Color Design Series
the angel design series have outstanding color that will make our eyes attractive and have the fresh feeling of vivid circle line. 

 Magic Color Lenses: Fresh Color Design Series 
the design have the most natural look for oriental eyes

Magic Color Lenses: Nudy Quarter Design Series
the fashion leader with splendid & charactheristic look of eyes with the mystery eyes with moon shining, tearful eye look. 


 Magic Color Lenses: Tearful Series
gives the tearful effects to the eyes


GEO Magic Circle Lenses Collections
> Magic Circle Lenses Series
> Piercing Circle lenses Series
> T = Eye Series
> CTS Series

Magic Circle Lenses: General Design Series
offers exceptional visual fun with beautifully designed patterns on the lenses.
the outer black circle makes eye look bigger & darker, while the colorful pattern is invisible after wearing.

Magic Circle Lenses:  Piercing Circle Lenses Series
enables eyes to have some splendid images of stars, heart symbols and butterflies

Magic Circle Lenses: T = Eye Series
after wearing the lens, the design pattern dissapears and is invisible; instead the hidden images of stars & butterflies appear on the eye.

Magic Circle Lenses: CTS Series

GEO Special Lenses Collections
> Animation Lenses Series
> Crazy Lenses Series

GEO Special Lenses: Animation Series
the lenses realize the characteristic eyes of some famous animation characters especially for custome players.


Geo Special Lenses: Crazy Series 
these off lenses are popular to be worn on special festival days such as halloween or for dramas or cinemas to give special effects on eyes. 


 andd I also found this..
it's called the..

Character Lenses, Message Lenses, & Constellation Lenses


with soo many choices of different designs of lenses, we have more freedom to pick the best that suit our style the most.
this upper review is only from one brand.. there are still many different brand that also have their own different design of lenses.
wowww they spoil us with the lenses design!
sooo.. happy lenses shopping all^^ hopes you find the best one~~ ♥♥

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