Monday, February 1, 2010

♥ Awesome INDIE Market in Thailand ♥

sooo you guys know how I ♥ Thailand. lol
and I have the privilege on having a Thai BF so I get to go to a lot of places. :)
I went to the South, which would be the Beach part of Thailand.
places like Phuket, Koh Samui, Koh Tao, etc.
The Centre part of Thailand where would be BANGKOK! lol.... the modern city of dream~~
and this time I went to the North part of Thailand, which would be the Mountains area and surprisingly, the cool hang out for the teenagers since a lot of them likes to take pictures of the nature & where they have the cool handmade market, which I would simply call 'INDIE'! it's very cool~

I don't remember what's the market called but it's in Pai city.
let's see the pictures do the stories..

(hney's enjoying live jazz music randomly inside the market)
(the jazz singer was awesome, i like her style & her afro hair. looks so indie~)

(having a good time, babe? lol)

(don't be shy~ hahaa)

(a Foreigner 'ngamen' with his unique instrument on the street)

(thai kids doing their thing)

(a cartoonist painter will paint for about Rp.30.000,-)

(I'm having onee.. yayy!!)

(a VW coffee shop, how cool is that?!)

(posing now^^)


(more VW coffee shop) 

(some souvenirs)

(more souvenirs)

(even moree souvenirs^^)

(old-skool toys, candies, & snacks!! seriouslyy some of these stuff are very rare nowadays!)

(i was kinda into it :] )

(Hney was checking the store out~)

( a random cool shop)

(handmade toys made out of banana leaves. idk how do they do it?) 

(random cool store a bit outside of the market)

(the street)

(background of the market)



(aww your tired too, hney?)

(I think you're just being narcissistic)

(I forgot what was this)

(like me pants? it's North style lol)

(snacks while shopping, it's quite similar like Indonesian sweet martabak, I ordered the choco-banana)

to be continue.. ♥♥

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